BBA Ecotech

The importance of trademarks

The intrinsic meaning of the trademark BATP ® includes lots of essential aspects which represents our company:

  • Certification of Italian origin of the technology
  • Statement of the product protected by the Patent
  • Ecological and eco-sustainable product in total respect of environment
  • Statement of safety certified by authorities and institutes internationally recognized
  • Guarantee of the quality and of the production’s process in compliance to UNI ISO 9001 and 14001 regulations

Affixing the BATP ® trademark on final products, both Tissue or Detergents is certainly an added value to the product.

It identifies a natural biotechnological product, guarantees to end customers the quality of their purchase and makes them aware of the purchased object.

Toilet paper or cleaning products with BATP ® shall indicate the trademark, in order to to bear the distinctive element which allows the consumers to choose it as high quality product and also reassure them on their purchase’s choices.

Last but not least, the production’s cycle of BATP ® follows the most strict laws in concerning the health of workers and respect of environment.

BATP ® trademark is guarantee of our internationally patented technology and is the result of a carefully selection of raw materials, years of research and extensive studies that certify its safety and its harmlessness to humans, animals and environment..


Products with trademark BATP ® are distinguished by their strict quality and safety requirements and they are the only originals protected by the patent. Be wary of imitations!


This registered trademark is the only guarantee of quality and safety and certifies that the toilet paper on which is applied, is biologically active.


This registered trademark is the only guarantee of quality and safety and certifiesthat the cleaning product on which is applied, is biologically active.