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BBA BIOTECH AMERICA, official partner of BBA ECOTECH, is locally active on South American territory it offers the biotechnologies developed in Europe and guarantees the values of quality and innovation that identify the group.

Probiotic Cleaning
H_Probios Z_Probios

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Deep cleaning with microorganisms

An added value for man, animal and environment.

H-Probios®H-Probios® Z-Probios®Z-Probios® BATP®BATP®
BACP Compost

BACP Compost

BACP is a patented technology created for the collection of wet organic waste disposal. The synergy of 5 “friendly” microorganisms to neutralize malodors and activate the composting process right from the garbage bin.

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Bio Based Applications ECOTECH

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BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper: from toilet paper to bioactive toilet paper
Probiotic cleaning
Wastewater treatment
Zootechnical waste
Waste and Garbage treatment
Communities: sewage treatment and odour neutralizers
Decontamination from hydrocarbons: soil and water
BACP Biologic Active Compost Paper: compost activator

Wastewater treatment and Bioremediation line

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Biological treatment of wastewater and odour neutralization.

Natural technologies and solutions for the environmental rehabilitation – soil, air, muds decontamination.

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BATP Tissue

BATP® Tissue

BATP® is a patented technology applied to Tissue designed and developed for tissue paper industry.
The synergy of 5 “friendly” microorganisms transforms ordinary toilet paper in BIOACTIVE PAPER, that cleans drains and sewage systems, from Commodity to Specialty.

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