BBA Ecotech

Strains Collection

BBA ECOTECH has a rich strains collection consisting of numerous types of microorganisms belonging to different microbial populations: SPOROGENIC AND NON SPOROGENIC OR VEGETATIVE BACTERIA, FUNGI AND YEASTS.

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Probiotic Cleaning

Blend of highly concentrated microorganisms for formulators


Ready-to-use Probiotic Cleaners, powders, liquids, solids and tablets



Range of products for livestock wellbeing and to revitalise land or boost performance in agriculture.

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Bio Based Applications ECOTECH

We know how

BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper: from toilet paper to bioactive toilet paper
Probiotic cleaning
Wastewater treatment
Zootechnical waste
Waste and Garbage treatment
Communities: sewage treatment and odour neutralizers
Decontamination from hydrocarbons: soil and water
BACP Biologic Active Compost Paper: compost activator

Wastewater treatment and Bioremediation line

We know how

Biological treatment of wastewater and odour neutralization.

Natural technologies and solutions for the environmental rehabilitation – soil, air, muds decontamination.

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BATP Tissue

BATP® Tissue

BATP® is a patented technology applied to Tissue designed and developed for tissue paper industry.
The synergy of 5 “friendly” microorganisms transforms ordinary toilet paper in BIOACTIVE PAPER, that cleans drains and sewage systems, from Commodity to Specialty.

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