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: the smart cleaning

What is ?

Multipurpose probiotic detergent for hard surfaces. H-Probios® is an innovative approach of deep cleaning which takes advantage of the action of selected beneficial microorganisms, like probiotics, combined with the action of the surfactant. H-Probios® is designed to deeply remove the dirt (microporous surfaces for instance) by positively colonizing the surfaces.

Mechanism of action

A dirty surface is covered by an invisible layer of organic matter and proteins (biofilm), where there are bacteria of all kind, also even potentially harmful. The biofilm protects bacteria from external interventions (cleaning interventions). H-Probios® is able to overcome this barrier, positively colonizes the surface, by contrasting the growth of pathogenic bacteria and replacing them in the biofilm (mechanism of biological competition), so creates a favorable microbial environment, controlled and balanced in a natural way.

Life Cycle

H-Probios® continues its degradative action on organic substances, also after use, when it is discharged in sewages, its microorganisms work actively on encrustations and organic deposits in pipes and septic tanks, by contrasting the bad smells, finally they become part of the natural process of wastewater treatment in the drainage system.

We know how to clean deeply with an added value for the environment.

Why ?