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Research and scientific studies

Brazilian Institute ALLERGISA Pesquisa Dermatológica-cosmética LTDA

The Brazilian Institute ALLERGISA Pesquisa Dermatológica-cosmética LTDA (Reference company in clinical research in Brazil) carried out a dermatological evaluation on the product BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper. The study has been conducted by the Research Center of ALLERGISA on 55 people in August 2017 with positive results.

Eye Irritation: Not an Irritant to Eyes

BATP® into contact to relevant eyes’ areas such as cornea, iris and conjunctiva has not revealed any symptoms of chemosis and congestion, it has been classified as NOT IRRITANT to eyes.

Skin Irritation: Not an Irritant to Skin

BATP® into contact to skin has not revealed any episodes of erythema and/or edema and it has been classified as NOT IRRITANT to skin. Furthermore, toilet paper treated with BATP® has obtained the certification as dermatologically tested product.

Skin Irritation-Vaginal Epithelium: Not an Irritant to Vaginal Epithelium

BATP® into contact to human vaginal epithelial cells in culture through MTT test has resulted well tolerated by the vaginal epithelial cells and classified as NOT IRRITANT to human vaginal mucosae or other epithelial tissues.

Skin Sensitization-Human Dendritic Cell: Not a Skin Sensitization

This model uses dendritic cells to determine if a test chemical can induce marker expression. BATP® into contact to dendritic cells does not induce any immunological response and subsequently it does not have any pro-sensitization potential.

Toxicology Expert Assessment

The toxicology Expert Assessment including bibliographical references performed by Professor Intorre of Pharmacology and Toxicology Department – University of Pisa, confers to BATP® a safety profile. It has resulted non-toxic, non- harmful, non-irritant for the skin, eyes and human vaginal epithelium and mucosae and does not show any stimulating potential on the immune cellular response.

Challenge Test

In Challenge Test performed by SGS Institute - Life Science Services, BATP® resulted very active in contrasting the pathogen microbial growth, as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Clostridium Sporogenes, Enterococcus Fecalis, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella and Staphilococcus Aureus.

Report of evaluation of BATP®L1700S efficiency in the bad smell control

Through an olfactometric sensorial analysis realized with PCA (Principal Component Analysis) has been verified that BATP® is very efficient in reducing 73% of malodors emissions produced by an absorbent substrate soaked with biological urine and incubated 12 hours at 37°C, conditions that simulated an incontinence issue.

INIFAP Certification

The activity of microorganisms of BATP® has been certified as beneficial to humans and environment by INIFAP Institute (Istituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agricolas, Forestales y Pecuarias- Centro Nacional de Recursos Genéticos Microbianos – Mexico). The certification attests the efficiency of the spores in the inhibition of the pathogens bacteria growth, particularly of the Salmonella and the safety of the product itself.

SALUD / Cofepris Certification

Salud Secretaria de Salud, Ministry of Health, of the government of Mexican United States and Cofepris, Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios, Federl Commission against Health Risks, have authorised the use of BATP® applied to tissue paper without restrictions.

Antiviral activity Merieux - Chelab Institut

BATP® in addition to its activity of contrast the growth of pathogenic microorganisms normally found over surfaces, in the ground and in wastewaters, it has proven to be effective in the reduction in vitro of the viral load of Vaccinia Virus (following the method UNI EN 14476+A2:2019), a reference virus for antiviral activity tests.
BATP® at a concentration of 10%, has proven to reduce the viral load by 96.8% (independently tested & verified to be effective against enveloped virus Merieux – Chelab Institut), optimal result for a product that is not and was not designed as a chemical disinfectant or antiseptic.