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What is FosDegreaser?

Biological activator born from BATP® , international patent that thanks to its particular application eliminates clogs and encrustations in all kind of sewage systems.

FosDegreaser, like BATP®, consists of good and safe microorganisms, carefully selected bacterial strains able to degrade fats and organic substances deposited in kitchen drains, grease traps in restaurants and during food/meals processing.

FosDegreaser is a combined product: odours neutralizer (immediate action) + good bacteria (long-term action) guarantee an effective treatment over time.

Dosage and usage

FosDegreaser is dosed automatically downstream from the sink’s syphon or dishwasher tank, with a practical and easy automatic time-released system. The dosage is calculated based on the number of prepared meals, according to the actual requirements and by avoiding waste.

FosDegreaser completely degrades oils, animal and vegetal fats and has a synergistic action on the majority of the effluents and once dosed in the sewages, it neutralizes molecules causing bad smells. For more detailed information, please consult the technical data sheet of the product or contact us.


  • Neutralization of bad smells thanks to its natural extracts that eliminate instantly the malodorous molecules
  • Long-lasting action of organic substances degradation - FosDegreaser has a specific formulation for oils and fats degradation -
  • High efficiency against pathogenic bacteria, that has been certified from several scientific laboratories. By eliminating the deposits of organic substances, it avoids the settlement of creeping pests which are normally found in sewages
We know how to Degrade Fats and oils inside kitchen sewages.

Waste water produced by kitchen or canteens, restaurants, hotels, bars, pizzerias, schools, barracks... and other food processing services, according to the current regulation into force, oblige the applicant to install a fat-water separator well or a grease trap, that allows an appropriate depuration of the water before discharging it into the municipal sewer network.

Unfortunately, digging operations to bury grease traps are not always and everywhere possible. There are so many touristic places, restaurants and hangout places, often concentrated in the same area (old town) where there is no ideal space to install a grease trap for each public exercise.

The solution to discharge effluent water coming from kitchen according to current regulation and without excavations is a special biological “biological activator” FosDegreaser created to maintain all kind of pipes, syphons, wells free of clogs, fluidify encrustations and neutralize instantly bad smells.

  1. FosDegreaser needs very little space, it is a versatile product, ready to use and easy usage, it is harmless for humans and environment.
  2. FosDegreaser solves the issue of kitchen wastewater depuration by eliminating organic deposits, the solution comes from nature, Fos Degreaser is a zero impact product highly concentrated and active.
  3. FosDegreaser is dosed automatically with FosDegreaserDosaSystem, this system optimizes the operating efficiency and the performance of the product itself, by avoiding waste.

FosDegreaser is a blend in liquid form of bacterial spores of Bacillus genre, cellular enzymes and natural extracts that neutralize bad smells. FosDegreaser is dosed directly in the sewage, through an automatic dosing system regulated by a remote control, it does not need maintenance.

FosDegreaser is completely natural and harmless for humans, animals and environment because it has been obtained from the processing of BATP L1700S, international patented product for the application of good microorganisms over tissue paper and in the cleaning, product accurately certified and already on the market since 2005.

Grease Traps
Need of excavations works to place the grease trap underground.
As a static separator of floating substances and settling, the grease trap needs a periodically cleaning.
The grease trap releases bad smells caused by the putrefaction of fats and organic substances contained.
The disposal of grease traps accumulated fats (as special waste) should be done through a company authorize for disposal and the related form

No need of any excavations to place the system.
FosDegreaser is a dynamic system, so it does not need any mechanical or chemical intervention for encrustations or deposits removal.
FosDegreaser eliminates bad smells instantly.
FosDegreaser transforms continuously fats and organic rests in water and carbon dioxide. The wastewater depuration starts already upstream of the drain.

the natural solution for an effective natural depuration of wastewater produced by kitchen sewage

FosDegreaser is dosed continuously and automatically, through its customized dosage system, and eliminates all expensive mechanical cleaning interventions.
FosDegreaser is an efficient alternative to traditional chemical products, it eliminates all risks connected to the usage of highly alkaline products (caustic soda) and acids (muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid).
FosDegreaser applied regularly in the kitchen sewages has a natural, ecological and eco-friendly action of wastewater depuration.
FosDegreaser by degrading organic substances, it keeps away all insects and pathogens from sewages and naturally create a safe place without any side-effect, unlike disinfectants and insecticides.