BBA Ecotech


BBA Ecotech professional products are successfully used in hotels, barracks, sports centers, holiday villages, schools, camping etc.


  closed rooms with poor air exchange (gyms, nursing homes, canteens etc.);
  smoke-rooms, toilets, kitchens extractor hoods, aeration systems;
  sewage, relaunch wells;
  septic tanks, grease traps, biological tanks;
  leachate collection ducts, waste processing cumulus;
  forecourts, tanks, dumpsters, compactors.

What to use?

MasterDeo Line specific Neutralizers to be sprayed in the air or distributed directly on the bad smelling source

  • ready to use neutralizer for cumulus and surfaces
  • ready to use neutralizer for air nebulization

MasterBio Line specific biological activators, in liquid form to be dosed with automated systems, and powders to be inoculated in plants

  • Septic tanks treatment
  • Sewage, siphons, wells and pipe treatment
  • Tablets 5-10 g
  • Chemical toilet treatment
  • Carpets, paddings and fabric treatment
  • Car wash tanks treatment
  • Slow dissolution treatment specific for sewers