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Municipal - Industrial

A key feature in today's society is the continuous increase in the production of waste, the landfills have to manage overflowing garbage dumps. Unfortunately, awareness raising in such a subject is not easy, total indifference is the norm. The problem does not concern only the current generation, but the next ones, who will suffer the consequences of a present inappropriate waste management.

Through its specific products, BBA ECOTECH looks at the whole production chain of the waste management and takes carefully into account its environmental impact. Waste management may concern solid, liquid or gaseous substances and each one of them has its own methods and products.
The continuous development of new green technologies allows BBA Ecotech to treat a wide range of waste collection and recovery, disposal, recycling, treatment facilities.

We know how to treat waste. Waste? It’s a resource.


  landfills and leachates;
  sorting, recovery and treatment plants;
  transfer systems and waste cumulus;
  sack breaking plants and shredders, presses, briquetting machines;
  incineration plants, waste to energy plants;
  composting plants, bio-tunnels, composters;
  collection vehicles, street-cleaners, dumpsters and compactors;
  bio-filter installations;
  trattamento scarti da sgrigliatori;
  biological and chemical mud treatment plants;
  scrubbers and lagoon treatment.

What to use?

Specific Neutralizers to be sprayed into the air or to be distributed directly to the source MasterDeo Line

  • neutralizer for cumulus and large areasi
  • neutralizer for sludge and leachates
  • neutralizer to be sprayed into the aira

Specific biological activators, liquids to be dosed with automated systems, and powders to be inoculated in the plants MasterBio Line

  • dumpster treatment
  • landfill treatment
  • biofilters treatment
  • composting plants treatment (see details below)

More details

Waste is produced indistinctly by private individuals and industries, and in both cases the garbage must be disposed of in some way, how? Through waste composting.

BBA ECOTECH treats and changes all the waste produced by the industry and also by individuals, respects the environment and creates products that can be used to fertilize cultivated fields. We know how, with our help industrial, zootechnics, private waste etc. will be properly treated in order to avoid environmental damage and ensure a great performance, focused on our well-being and the balance of the ecosystem where we live.