BBA Ecotech

Compost Line

A complete line of liquid or powder products able to improve the maturation time of compost and thus accelerate the process of formation and stabilisation, a natural process that takes place thanks to microorganisms and that transforms green waste (pruning waste, animal manure, gardening waste, leaves, grass clippings) and organic waste from the organic fraction of municipal waste into COMPOST that can be reused as a natural fertiliser. Compost is a real example of circular economy, where waste becomes a resource.

MasterBioComp: bacterial mixture and Yucca Schidigera extracts, accelerator of domestic and industrial composting processes and control of odour formation

MasterBiofilter: Formula to reactivate the biofilters and promote the biological processes of biochemical oxidation of the substances causing bad odours by the micro-organisms that make up the biofilm of the biofiltration plant.

MasterBin: is a granular product consisting of two active ingredients and two highly absorbent matrices, designed to treat malodorous leachates of organic origin that are formed during waste degradation processes.

The micro-organisms act on the organic matter to facilitate its degradation, helping to control the pathogen load present and the presence of insects. It promotes degradation activity already in the collection bin and helps the natural composting process.

What is it?

BACP is a liquid product, ready to use, a concentrate suspension of 5 spores of the Bacillus strain, created to be sprayed over an absorbent substrate (bio-bags or bio-catchers) specific for the collection of the organic garbage fraction and bio activator of the natural composting process.

With BACP any kind of organic waste can be transformed in compost and become a real wealth.

Bio bags

Bags where the inner surface is treated with a mixture of natural bacterial spores, harmless for humans and environment, that into contact with the organic fraction (domestic or industrial) awakes and turns into active microorganisms for organic substances degradation and control bad smells.
These bags can be made of paper or other exclusively biodegradable and biocompatible material, bio plastic with vegetal components (such as corn starch), biodegradable polymers obtained from renewable sources (Mater Bi); they may have a film or coating on which to inside the microorganisms are applied.

Bio catchers

The “Bad Smells Catchers” is a sheet made of tissue paper or non-woven tissue, treated with natural microorganisms able to control the degradation process organic substances and neutralize bad smells; once inserted in the organic garbage bin, it starts to absorb bad smelling liquids and promotes the organic substances biodegradation.


BACP microorganisms produce hydrolytic enzymes able to decompose complex compounds in simple compounds and this action continues in all phases of the compost: screening, separation and shredding and it is going to be completed in the maturation phase (compost humification).


Controls the putrefactive fermentations
Neutralizes bad smells
Activates the composting process directly from the garbage can
Reduces volume and weight of garbage
Reduces the time required for the compost maturation (up to 15%)
Quality compost