BBA Ecotech


Industrial Treatment

Biotechnologies applied to the environment are no longer a novelty. As it is widely known microorganisms have been used to promote the sanitization processes, composting, wastewater treatment, remediation of contaminated sites (bioremediation) etc., their ability to transform the chemicals in the surrounding environment into a source of energy and nutrients. They are absolutely the best "natural recyclers".
BBA ECOTECH has developed a wide range of industrial products for biological treatment of polluting chemicals, which can be widely found in industrial wastewater and are used for air emissions and odours control.

The Industry Product Line offers the most effective and natural solution for industrial wastewater treatment plants management and odours neutralization.

These products are made of natural, non-pathogenic, non-genetically modified bacterial strains and natural enzymes (lipase, protease, amylase, etc.), specific for the biochemical degradation and transformation of organic substances into H2O, CO2 and simple compounds, dissolve the deposits and waste deposits, fluidify sludge, reduce sludge volumes.

  • Not toxic and / or harmful to humans, animals and the environment.
  • They are formulated in compliance with the latest regulations on labeling, packaging and security.
  • No product is labeled as dangerous.


  lagoons, oxidation ponds;
  wastewater treatment plants;
  sludge, solids separation, concentrators, floaters, filter-presses, leachate collection ducts;
  sewage systems, wells and tanks revitalization;
  septic tanks and grease traps;
  chimneys, ventilation and air conditioning systems, extractors;
  forecourts, tanks, dumpsters, compactors;
  cumulus of processing scraps.

Cosa utilizzare?

Specific neutralizers to be sprayed into the air or distributed directly at the bad smelling source MasterDeo Line

  • neutralizer for cumulus and large surfaces
  • neutralizer for nebulization
  • neutralizer for sludge and leachates
  • neutralizer for lagoons and scrubbers

Specific biological activators for pollutants MasterBio Line

  • for surfactants
  • chemicals
  • hydrocarbons
  • for pulp & paper
  • for filamentary materials
  • for lagoons
  • for anaerobic fermenters
  • ammonia
  • biofilters

Specific biological activators for industrial plants MasterBio Line

  • food industry
  • oil mills
  • paper mills
  • municipal utilities
  • sugar refineries
  • textile industries and tanneries
  • petrochemical industry