BBA Ecotech

Biologic Active Tissue Paper

What is it?

BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper is an internationally patented product developed for paper industry. It is a ready to use product and is applied on the big roll in Converting through an easy spray unit with micro-fine nozzles.

With BATP® you create the BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE toilet paper, that contains 5 natural bacterial strains, safe to humans and environment. BATP® activates only into contact with WC water, producing enzymes that degrade encrustations and organic substances presented in pipes.

BATP® transforms an everyday gesture in a new Eco sustainable lifestyle. It revolutionizes the concept of “tissue” from Commodity to Specialty.

BATP® prevents bed smells, degrades cellulose, animal and vegetal fats and cleans pipes, it helps wastewater flow and avoids the risk of clogs in the sewage system.

  1. When the bioactive toilet paper reaches the drainage, inert spores into contact with the effluent awake and transform themselves into vegetative microorganisms.
  2. The good microorganisms once “activated”, they produce specific enzymes and begin to biodegrade the organic matter.
  3. Microorganisms live up to the exhaustion of the organic substance, when their nourishment is exhausted, their life cycle comes to end.

Neutralizes malodors
Reduces the risk of clogging
Sanitizes toilets and bathrooms contrasting pathogens growth
Maintains drains and pipes clean
Reduces purging operations
Environmental friendly product - promotes natural wastewater depuration process beginning from WC

Anything but a simple toilet paper!
BATP® is the added value to “tissue”, with regular use of bioactive toilet paper in just 4 weeks you are going to see results, with a regular continuous treatment it significantly reduces sewage cleaning and maintenance costs.
BATP® is saving time and money helping the environment.

Why applying BATP®

INNOVATION patented technology;
LARGE PROFITS, INCREASE the market segments;
You sell a SAVING not a cost;
HIGH QUALITY means customers’ loyalty;
100% GREEN & SAFE;
SOLUTION to all problems of hygiene, clogs and bad smells.

Away From Home

The AFH is the target market of BATP®. There you can see product’s benefits in a short period of time, thanks to the large influx of users. For instance places where sanitation systems have a continuous daily flow of organic substance entering the system (hotels, restaurants, communities, offices, camp sites...).

Places that see a high influx of people as convention centers, stadiums, public establishments, industries, malls, airports, transports and many more.

BATP® is a union concept for AFH, because it can be applied in all segments, from “luxury” to “basic”, BATP® is the unique biotechnology that ennobles all kind of tissue paper, it’s the added value to “tissue”.

At Home

BATP® fits perfectly also to the At Home market, where the final user is going to experiment the product’s benefits, saving time and money, with an everyday gesture that is becoming a great help for the environment.