BBA Ecotech

We know how... to treat waste and neutralize odours

BBA Ecotech S.r.l. is an Italian company founded by a team of Bio-entrepreneurs of over twenty years’ experience in the formulation of bacterial additive, odour neutralizers and concentrate blends for target formulations: waste treatment, sewage treatment , bioremediation and bad smells control.

BBA : Bacteria Based Applications, a broad range of beneficial microorganisms, carefully selected, safe, 100% natural, non GMOs.
The new partner of traditional chemistry comes from nature.


Always look beyond the limits to find new trends and make the difference

BBA Ecotech has a dynamic organization that combines the quality of its strategic activities of formulation and packaging with the flexibility towards customers’ needs, so manufacturing in this way competitive products in line with market needs.

We know how


BBA Ecotech’s strategy combines: innovation, technology and efficiency, searching for single pure bacterial strains, chosen for their specific metabolic and enzymatic activities, to be added to its already wide collection. BBA Ecotech doesn’t offer standard “multipurpose” mixtures, but develops together with the customer the bacterial blend to be applied, custom-made blends for formulators and distributors.


The slogan “WE KNOW HOW...” is the strategy for the future of BBA Ecotech, because the challenge is to start with the environment, to create a value and apply it everywhere, in the community, in the industry, in bioremediation, in the cleaning, in wastewater treatment and in the zootechnics.



with the help of a production department which can manage the resources and provide the customers safe and best quality products.


The company operates according to a SGQ in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, takes into account the environmental impact in the entire supply chain, prevents pollution, reduces packaging, energy and waste consumption.

Research & Development

We are future oriented and have been since ever implementing the biotechnological innovation for improving our products and production processes to create new solutions.


We Care Sea Life means a real commitment to protect this invaluable resource. Sustainability applies even in the social field, as it protects the human rights, the health and the work environment.