BBA Ecotech
We Care Sea Life

BBA Ecotech with the claim "we care sea life" undertakes a project to protect the sea fragile environment by using natural and safe technologies for men, animals and the environment by restricting the use of traditional packages (plastic tanks and buckets) and using jerry box and jerry carton box to package its products. We know how to make the difference.

The sea is an essential part of our life cycle from which we draw resources at all levels:

1) Substantial – source of food and materials.

2) Energy – source of clean energy (wind / tides / waves).

3) Environmental – final collector of all wastewaters and climate regulator.

4) Emotional – source of recreation and sports.

Protecting the sea from all forms of pollution is a primary objective for the preservation of our existence.

The practical Jerry Box and Carton Box systems reduce significantly plastic packages and are harmless to our environment.