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Wastewater Treatment Line

Wastewater is water that contains wastes produced by several human activities (municipal sewage sludge), or by human primary activities (agriculture and farming) or secondary (industry).

Wastewater treatment is the process of pollutants’ removal; it can be the combination of one or more chemical, physical and biological processes.

The aim of the treatment is to create a clarified effluent, which has the chemical-physical parameters within the extent limits and discharged to environment according to current regulations.

BBA group offers a range of products for municipal biological and industrial wastewater treatment plants for the wastewater treatment:

MasterBio Line Biological activators

MASTER WWT bacterial additives for the degradation of complex pollutants contained in wastewater (ex. fats, surfactants, hydrocarbons...)

MASTER INDUSTRY bacterial additives for the industrial wastewater treatment, classified by type of industry (ex. Food industry, textile industry, paper’s industry, chemical industry...)

MasterDeo Line Odours Neutralizers

MASTER DEO FW odour neutraliser to be inoculated directly into the wastewater sludge

MASTER DEO HT odour neutraliser to be sprayed on the surface of the sludge

MASTER DEO AR odour neutraliser to eliminate unpleasant odours from the air, also suitable in the presence of workers.

MASTER DEO CT odour neutralizer by contact (surfaces, products, etc.).

A) Primary Treatments

Odour neutralizer

– neutralization of bad smells during all phases of treatment

B) Biological Oxydation

Odour neutralizer


Bacterial additives

– improved biomass
– elimination of strong pollutants
– quick start-ups
– restarts after inefficiencies

C) Secondary settlement and sludge treatment

Odour neutralizer


Bacterial additives

– improved settlement
– improved sludge’s quality
– improved water discharging


– Sludge dewatering

D) Biogas production

Odour neutralizer


Bacterial additives

– start up anaerobic digester
– increased biogas production
– improved biogas quality

Scheme of the wastewater treatment plant