BBA Ecotech

From nature to nature... with an extra gear: microorganisms and agriculture

The use of synthetic nitrogen compounds and phytosanitary products in agriculture has become essential for a sector that aims to satisfy the great market demand for quantity agriculture. But the current shortage of chemical fertilisers and insecticides, combined with the increasing impact these compounds have on the environment and human health, has led the agricultural economy to consider alternative solutions that are more readily available and more sustainable.


Biogas is one of the most widely used alternative sources for producing renewable, non-fossil energy, but it is also a source of natural fertilisers that form as a by-product of the anaerobic digestion process and constitute digestate.

Digestate has recently been equated to fertilisers (Official Gazette of 22 March 2022) and can therefore replace chemical fertilisers such as urea and ammonium sulphate in the spreading phase, as it ensures the supply of readily available nutrients.

Digestate for agronomic and floricultural use must not only derive from the digestion of livestock effluents, plant biomass or animal by-products, but must also have particular characteristics relating to stability, odour, nitrogen and organic matter content.

BBA Ecotechhas developed special mixtures of microorganisms belonging to different genera that act with different mechanisms on the two fractions of the anaerobic digestate to make it STABLE AND OF HIGH VALUE::

1) Treatment of the CLARIFIED fraction: this fraction contains a good concentration of N, especially ammoniacal nitrogen, and a high N/P ratio. In this case, BBA Ecotech offers a rich pool of different microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), including Nitrifiers and Denitrifiers (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter), which stabilise this phase, counteract the growth of contaminants and reduce the high excess ammonia content prior to discharge into surface waters, reducing the risk of eutrophication and ammonia emissions into the air.

2) Treatment of the SOLID fraction: this fraction concentrates all the organic substance of the digestate, especially organic nitrogen and phosphorus, and in the agronomic field is considered a "soil conditioner" due to its considerable abundance of natural nutrients.
In this case, BBA Ecotech proposes a pool of microorganisms capable of stabilising the semi-solid fraction, reducing the volatility of N, increasing the effectiveness of digestate and mass agent binding, keeping the pH at alkaline values to counteract the formation of mould and uncontrolled fermentation, and in the case of composting, promoting the maturation process.


BBA Ecotech has a wide range of concentrated pure strains of beneficial microorganisms from different genus such as Bacillus Spp, Pseudomonas Spp, Trichoderma Spp, Nitrogen-fixing, Photosynthetic, Pure Nitrifiers & Denitrifiers, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycota Fungi, Yeasts, etc. and with which it is possible to produce ad hoc formulations that are very effective in agriculture as well as in industry, because:

they promote the uptake of essential soil nutrients by plants,

they promote the decomposition of organic matter into humus,

they improve the water retention capacity of the soil during periods of drought

They fix nitrogen and solubilise phosphorus, iron, copper, etc. making them immediately bioavailable.