BBA Ecotech

Biologic Active Treatment Product

What is it?

An eco-friendly safe technology created for the Cleaning Industry.

BATP® Biologic Active Treatment Product is a concentrate suspension of 5 spores of the Bacillus strain, able to degrade bad-smelling organic substances, vegetal and animal fats deposited on surfaces.

BATP® can be included in a wide range of detergents such as hard surface and padding cleaners (kitchen, floor, bath, carpets, rugs, mattress...). It is stable within a specific pH – range (3-9).

With a small concentration of BATP®, a conventional cleaner turns itself in a BIODETERGENT, with a major action’ spectrum, and maintains its own physical and chemical characteristics, and it revolutionizes the way of cleaning.

The action of cleaning transforms itself in a depuration activity when cleansing water reaches drainage systems.

BATP® spores become “active” due to dilution during usage when getting into contact with wet surfaces.
Beneficial microorganisms start producing specific enzymes that begin the organic substance degradation.
BATP® creates a positive-biofilm that sanitizes treated surfaces.
BATP® penetrates deeply in fibers and in surfaces micro pores to eliminate fats, grime and stains. Stains and fibers should be maintained wet, so that BATP® can continue its active working.

BATP® work continues, also when the cleansing action on surface is finished, inside sewage system.
When BATP® achieves waste water, the organic substance degradation process continues.
BATP® microorganisms live up to the exhaustion of nourishments, afterwards their life cycle comes to end.

Cleans where other chemical products cannot arrive
Controls the formation of malodors
It is suitable for all kind of rough surfaces, porous surfaces, padding, rugs, carpets
Maintains clear of clogging any type of pipes, siphons and septic tanks
Respects the environment and promotes wastewater processes
Removes the negative biofilm created from other harmful microorganisms
Contrasts the growth of pathogens and insects nestles
Creates a healthy living environment for pets

Anything but a simple detergent!
The regular use of the BIODETERGENT guarantees a continuous eco-friendly action, very positive for environment and that is going to complete the sanitization process begun on surfaces also inside drains.


BATP® is an added value, it turns a traditional chemical product in an innovative and biologically active product, it’s not “polluting” but is “depolluting” the environment.