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Septic tanks and sewage systems

Septic tanks and sewage systems

"Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all" - United Nations (UN)


Wastewater accounts for approximately 1.57% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is currently one of the main global concerns identified by the UN. As a matter of fact, according to recently published data, 42% of wastewater from households and industry is not adequately treated, causing considerable damage to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems as well as human health. Furthermore, although the unexploited potential of wastewater amounts to about 320 billion m3/year, only 11% of this is reused.


The reduced availability of water, the lack of quality control in underdeveloped countries, as well as the limited capacity to reuse water, put the health of more than 3 billion people in the world at risk. Therefore, it is necessary for all countries to engage in a plan for the circular reuse of wastewater to exploit its unexpressed potential, ensuring its use as an environmentally sustainable resource of drinking water and energy


Waste water treatment: a multi-step process full of obstacles


The management process of wastewater from domestic, community and industrial environments is very complex, articulated and requires high maintenance costs. Generally, water is conveyed into three different collection and treatment systems, such as

  • septic tank;
  • biological septic tank (or Imhoff tank);
  • grease trap.


Once the decontaminated water has passed through the three systems, it can be released back into the environment; however, despite the fact that the systems are adequately and frequently cleaned, there could be a potential reduction in the efficiency and functionality of the machinery.


In fact, the accumulation and stagnation of organic solids and grease leads to a reduction in the diameter of the pipes, causing blockages; the lack of aeration encourages bacterial fermentation reactions and the formation of biofilms. Furthermore, the uncontrolled use of toxic and corrosive detergents and chemicals causes a depletion of the bacterial flora necessary for the decontamination process, with an uncontrolled increase in bad smells and the invasion of insects and parasites


BBA Ecotech's proposal for water treatment process optimisation


MasterSeptic is a solid bacterial-enzymatic additive that can be applied in sinks, drains, septic tanks and grease traps; its unique composition combines the degradative potential of microorganisms with the hydrolytic action of stabilised free enzymes


The sporigenic bacterial strains contained in MasterSeptic, thanks to their complementary enzymatic action, are able to digest and degrade urea, ammonia, oils, animal and vegetable fats, fluidising the effluent. Furthermore, through the degradation of organic compounds, MasterSeptic can also eliminate unpleasant odours to make collection and treatment systems cleaner, thereby optimising their efficiency and ensuring their functionality.


The regular application of MasterSeptic provides a shock treatment in the event of clogging and malodorous incrustations, as well as a maintenance action for decontamination systems. The advantages of using MasterSeptic also extend to maintenance time and costs; increasing the cleanliness of the systems through the use of this product reduces the high costs of maintenance work for drain cleaning, prolongs the intervals between drain emptying and improves the operation of the tanks, optimising the entire effluent treatment process.


Masterseptic is a bacterial-enzymatic additive that is harmless to the environment, animals and humans. In fact, the bacteria contained in BBA Ecotech's products come from a careful and meticulous selection of non-pathogenic and NON-GMO strains; furthermore, the substances contained in Masterseptic are absolutely biodegradable, have zero impact on the environment, and none of them are of animal origin. 


Its natural composition is ideal for treating aerobic and anaerobic environments effectively, without damaging or corroding the materials on which it is applied


Efficiency and safety: BBA Ecotech's means to a more sustainable future


In a context of increasing focus on sustainability and environmental protection, MasterSeptic is an innovative and responsible solution for wastewater management. Its environmentally sustainable and biodegradable composition, combined with its high efficacy and safety, make it an ideal product for optimising wastewater treatment in any context, whether domestic, industrial or civil.


Choosing MasterSeptic and other BBA Ecotech products means taking a concrete step towards a safer future, supporting the environment and humanity.


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