BBA Ecotech

Agro-zootechnology line


Ammonia emissions from livestock manure are a problem not only from an environmental point of view but also from an animal wellbeing point of view. High concentrations and unpleasant odours adversely affect the life of the animal with effects on the feed conversion index and their health status. A dry, healthy litter box is synonymous with a productive, clean and healthy animal.
All the products of the Agri Line dedicated to the treatment of litter are applicable in cattle, pig, poultry and horse farms. They are able to metabolise the ammonia in animal manure, with a consequent reduction in unpleasant odours and the presence of insect infestation.
They fluidise the slurry in the collection tanks for reuse in the pumping phase, as well as making it easier to clean the litter by removing scale and deposits.


Surfaces of the milking rooms contain daily big quantities of organic substance and proteins that lead to the formation of Biofilm and often contain pathogenic bacteria.

Z-Probios® is a concentrate probiotic base liquid bio-detergent. Z-Probios® has been studied to remove the dirt and biofilm deeply, by contrasting the colonization of uncotrolled microrganisms, sometimes pathogens and e highly resistant. Through its activity on the biofilm Z-Probios® thus creates a favourable, controlled and balanced microbial environment in a completely natural way.

Z-Probios® continues its "protective work" also outside milking rooms, directly over surfaces of cubicles with rubber rug and on surfaces of the service/sorting corridor, by limiting significantly and constantly the pathogens that can infect bovines' udders.

Life cilce

Z-Probios® once discharged in sewages after use, continues its active action in drains, therefore the residual microorganisms contained in wastewater are still active and able to carry on their activity of biodegradation on encrustations and organic deposits, contrasting also the development of bad smells. When Z-Probios® arrives to the sewage system or to accumulation tanks, it promotes the natural process of wastewater treatment.


MasterAgri Fluid and MasterAgri Slurry

Specific products to fluidise manure and counteract the formation of surface crust in slurry storage tanks, which is a major expense in terms of energy, time and costs for the farmer. They also improve the fertilising properties of slurry by making essential nutrients readily available to plants.


Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter product for removal of ammoniacal nitrogen through a nitrification and denitrification mechanism: ammonia is consumed as a source of nitrogen and nitrites and nitrates as a source of oxygen and nitrogen.

Master CH4

Specific powder formulation for anaerobic digestion plants used both in the treatment of livestock slurry and in the stabilisation of sludge from the flotation of compostable organic waste or sludge from aerobic purification. They promote the growth of methane-producing strains already present in the plant and are able to break down the complex molecules of the slurry, making them immediately available to the methane-producing microorganisms and avoiding uncontrolled, low-performance fermentation processes.

MasterWWT H2S

It sonsists of special photosynthetic micro-organisms capable of metabolising organosulphur compounds. This is an important product in the reduction of H2S in biogas, which if present in high concentrations prevents the use of biogas in cogeneration plants

MasterDeo KC

Odour neutraliser designed specifically for livestock slurry to control unpleasant odours when spreading manure as fertiliser, especially in the proximity of towns and during summer periods to avoid problems of odour pollution.