BBA Ecotech

Probiotic detergent for milking rooms and enclosure surfaces

What is ?

Z-Probios® is a concentrate probiotic base liquid bio-detergent. An innovative concept of cleaning that uses the action of several BENEFICIAL microorganisms like the probiotics, combined with the wetting and emulsifying activity of the surfactant. Z-Probios® has been studied to remove the dirt and biofilm deeply and over surfaces, by contrasting the growth of uncontrolled and resistant pathogens.

Mechanisms of action

Surfaces of the milking rooms contain daily big quantities of organic substance and proteins that lead to the formation of Biofilm and often contain pathogenic bacteria. Z-Probios® starts working on the superficial layer and germinating over the surface itself, produces degradative enzymes that affect and demolish the protein biofilm, allows Z-Probios® to penetrate deeply and continue to work. Z-Probios® massively colonizes the surface, even in the finest pores, by contrasting the pathogenic bacterial growth and efficiently replacing them in the biofilm (mechanism of biological antagonism), thus creates a natural microbial balanced environment.

Z-Probios® continues its “protective work” also outside milking rooms, directly over surfaces of cubicles with rubber rug and on surfaces of the service/sorting corridor, by limiting significantly and constantly the pathogens that can infect bovines’ udders.

Life cycle

Z-Probios® once discharged in sewages after use, continues its active action in drains, therefore the residual microorganisms contained in wastewater are still active and able to carry on their activity of biodegradation on encrustations and organic deposits, contrasting also the development of bad smells. When Z-Probios® arrives to the sewage system or to accumulation tanks, it promotes the natural process of wastewater treatment.