BBA Ecotech

Strains Collection

In nature the infinitely small plays an infinitely great role 

— Louis Pasteur —

BBA ECOTECH has a rich strain collection consisting of numerous microorganisms, all in Biological Risk Class Biosafety-level 1, belonging to different microbial populations: Sporogenic and non sporogenic or vegetative bacteria, fungi and yeasts

All microorganisms are highly selected on the basis of their individual phenotypic and metabolic characteristics and come exclusively from official biological collections, which have identified them, classified them using advanced gene sequencing techniques and certified their quality and authenticity.

These are highly concentrated PURE STRAINS with which BBA Ecotech produces a wide range of mixtures for many different application sectors: Industry, Bioremediation, Zootechnics, Cleaning, Agriculture, Depuration and Waste, etc.

Continuous research of new strains with a view to expanding applications and improving the performance of finished products are key R&D activities at BBA Ecotech, activities that are fundamental to innovating and being competitive in the market for traditional biotechnologies applied to industry and the environment