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BBA Ecotech's strategy for animal wellbeing on livestock farms

BBA Ecotech's strategy for animal wellbeing on livestock farms

According to European Commission data, livestock activity is responsible for 81-86% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane). The presence of these compounds in the environment causes soil and water pollution, and contributes to global warming and climate change. In addition, incorrect maintenance of livestock farms leads to the spread of bacterial and viral infections, which kill livestock and, with spill-over events, threaten global human health, prompting farmers to increase the administration of antibiotics and drugs.


The significant economic, social and environmental impact of animal husbandry highlights the need for sustainable development in this sector. Responsible livestock management improves animal health, increases productivity and reduces the spread of infections; it also contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, combating climate change and protecting the environment.


BBA Ecotech's contribution to the livestock sector: the Agri Line


Continuous commitment to achieving sustainability and many years' experiences in the application of microorganisms to biotechnology have led BBA Ecotech to create the Agri Line, for safe and lasting cleanliness of livestock environments.


Each product in the Agri Line is designed to meet the needs of any livestock farmer because it acts specifically on all types of livestock (sheep, cattle, poultry, pigs and horses), optimising the dirt-removal process, with numerous benefits in terms of production, yield, cost savings and sustainability:

  • Z-Probios, a concentrated liquid biodetergent that combines the moisturising and emulsifying action of non-ionic surfactants, the odour-neutralising capacity of natural plant extracts, and the metabolic activity of bacteria to effectively break down dirt biofilm. Z-Probios is an easy-to-use product that can be applied on rubber matted bunks, service or sorting aisles, but also in milking parlours and stalling areas. When rinsed, it reaches the sewage system and storage tanks, where it supports the natural treatment of waste water.
  • MasterPoultry, a biodegradable additive in powder form, is suitable for treating liquid and solid droppings produced on poultry and rabbit farms. The presence of sporigenic bacteria in MasterPoultry removes dirt, deodorising the environment. Using MasterPoultry in poultry litter helps maintain hygiene and animal health, with a positive effect on productivity, conversion rate and mortality reduction.
  • MasterAgri PIG LQ and MaterAgriPlus, natural additives that act synergistically to stimulate the biological denitrification process in both manure collection tanks and litters, reducing ammonia concentrations that can compromise animal welfare and health.
  • MasterHorse, a solid bacterial additive that acts by degrading droppings in horse litter. Its action cleanses the environment by favouring the elimination of odours and counteracting the invasion of flies and other flying insects, promotes the drying of the litter and the maintenance of a healthier environment for the animal. MasterHorse is a non-hazardous or toxic product, and is not subject to transport regulations.
  • MasterAgriLitter, a highly concentrated, stable and easily degradable solid additive that harnesses the action of microorganisms to effectively remove dirt from bedding, counteracting the colonisation of pathogens that compromise the health of the entire breeding.
  • MasterGreen, a bacterial additive combined with phytostimulant plant extracts of Yucca schidigera and seaweed, enriched with vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes, ideal for the degradation of plant residues and droppings, as well as for the maintenance of extensive turfs.


The ecological 'Fil Rouge': from animal wellbeing to environmental preservation


Ensuring that livestock farms are optimally managed, in compliance with regulations, is not only a moral obligation for farmers, but also a mission that every consumer should keep in mind. The health of farm animals, in fact, has a direct impact on our health and the balance of the entire ecosystem.


BBA Ecotech emerges as a key player in the promotion of ecological practices ranging from animal welfare to active environmental protection, contributing significantly to animal health and farm productivity. In a crucial sector for our planet, the company is championing a more sustainable future for the global ecosystem.


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