BBA Ecotech

Products for domestic and industrial drains

MasterSeptic is a bacterial-enzymatic formulation that degrades organic substances, especially urea, ammonia, oils, animal and vegetable fats and has a fluidifying effect on most wastewater, eliminates the source of the bad odour and controls the presence of insects.
It is available in different forms: loose powder, water-soluble sachets, tablets and capsules, to best suit the user's needs.
It is effective for shock treatment in case of clogging and encrustation and for routine maintenance of drains and septic tanks.

For localised treatment of shower traps and drains, MasterSink with slow dissolve is the perfect solution. It consists of 100% natural origin ingredients. It completely degrades residues in the siphon. It reduces maintenance work for pipe cleaning and clog removal and eliminates malodorous emissions from the drains.

Chemical and portable toilets

MasterWC is a biological formulation that solves the problems of fluidification and unpleasant odours of sludges from chemical and portable toilets. The strong odour-neutralising component immediately eliminates unpleasant odours, leaving time for the microorganisms to act on the organic matter. Their activity fluidifies the effluent, making it much easier to empty the tank and keep the drain valves clean.