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Neutralising sewage odours naturally: MasterDeo line by BBA ECOTECH

Neutralising sewage odours naturally: MasterDeo line by BBA ECOTECH

Containing and limiting odour emissions from wastewater is currently a major “global environment concern”; being an inevitable consequence of all human, civil and working activities, waste water has a considerable environmental impact and contributes to the spread of 'olfactory nuisance', which is harmful to humans and the environment. In order to safeguard the entire ecosystem, therefore, it is necessary to integrate techniques and products into the decontamination processes that favour the elimination of malodorous substances.

Eliminating the problem at its source

The solution that BBA ECOTECH offers for the elimination of odour nuisance from wastewater is the MasterDeo Odour Neutralisation Line. These products combine the properties of plant extracts and substances with ingredients and surfactants that are also of natural origin, to create natural, water-soluble mixtures with zero impact on the environment.  

Unlike conventional air fresheners, which only temporarily conceal odours, BBA ECOTECH Odour Neutralisers use different methods of action to specifically interact with odour-causing molecules, neutralising them:

  • construction of an odourless compound resulting from the chemical reaction between the malodorous molecule and the neutraliser;
  • combination of the malodorous molecule and the product to form a third molecule that releases a pleasant scent;
  • counter-action that cancels the effect of the odour-causing substance;
  • absorption and neutralisation of the malodorous substance;
  • reaction of chemical transformation of the odour source into an odourless or slightly perfumed molecule;
  • capture of the malodorous molecule in micelles capable of trapping the odour.

MasterDeo Line products

MasterDeo line offers a choice of six different products, each of which is well adapted to specific odour substances and human activities, thus guaranteeing maximum effectiveness in every application:

  • MasterDeoAR is intended for community use and is particularly suitable for capturing and transforming malodorous substances into a third compound that releases a pleasant natural fragrance;
  • MasterDeoHT, specifically for the industrial sector, acts by contact, completely eliminating odours from scrubbers, lagoons, sludge, emulsifiable oils, putrescible heaps and accumulation and equalisation tanks, thus contributing to cleaning and improving odours in the environment;
  • MasterDeoCT, with its characteristic balsamic scent, is suitable for treating malodorous substances from sources in an advanced stage of putrefaction and uncontrolled fermentation, such as waste, heaps and leachates;
  • MasterDeoFW is a concentrated liquid for the industrial sector, which neutralises many malodorous organic compounds, containing e.g. H2S and NH3, through chemical decomposition;
  • MasterDeoNEU is the odour neutraliser best suited for spraying at home, indoors and on various types of fabric; once applied, its ozonated notes give the environment a pleasant clean smell.
  • MasterDeoKC is particularly suitable for the treatment of sludge, tanks, livestock slurry, manholes and more, effectively deodorising and non-covering.

 Why choose BBA ECOTECH odour neutralisers

The tested effectiveness of MasterDeo Neutralisers far exceeds that of air fresheners, thanks to the ability of BBA ECOTECH products to eliminate the source of odour without masking it; moreover, MasterDeo neutralisers are extremely easy to use, simply dilute the indicated doses in water and apply or spray the solution directly onto the odour source. Their versatility makes them particularly suitable for use in all stages of purification, for complete and lasting step-by-step decontamination.

With the products of the MasterDeo line human safety is attested by internationally recognised bodies and institutes. The formulation of these neutralisers is based on natural ingredients, essential oils, flower and fruit and none of these substances are harmful, toxic or corrosive. In addition, unique combinations with non-pathogenic, non-GMO bacterial stains make it possible to create safe and effective bio-active neutralisers.

BBA ECOTECH places respect for the environment at the forefront, and every single step in the manufacturing, packaging, transport and waste processes is aimed at minimising the impact on the ecosystem. Finally, MasterDeo line guarantees high quality standards, in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

The standards that Make a Difference

Thanks to MasterDeo odour neutralisers, which are effective, practical and absolutely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, it will be possible to really curb odour emissions from waste water and sewage treatment plants, preventing the spread of odorous, malodorous and harmful substances.

The dedication employed in the creation of these unique, totally environmentally friendly formulations, will be visible from the very first applications: relying on BBA ECOTECH and its products will bring you closer to an increasingly “green” future, generating a circular system inspired by nature to save nature itself, with special attention to quality and safety.

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