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Talks about us...the natural treatment of kitchen wastewater

Cleaning Community in the new october magazine dedicated to HO RE CA talks about Fos Degreaser. The natural solution of BBA Ecotech for the degradation of fats in kitchen sewages, composed of natural microorganisms safe for man and environmennt. Fos Degreaser contains good microorganisms, that have been selected and concentrate for their skills to degrade fats and organic substances in kitchen drains, grease traps and during food/meals processing. FosDegreaser is a combined product: odours neutralizer (immediate action) + good bacteria (long-term action) guarantee an effective treatment over time.

FosDegreaser is dosed automatically downstream from the sink’s syphon or dishwasher tank, with a practical and easy automatic time-released system. The dosage is calculated based on the number of prepared meals, according to the actual requirements and by avoiding waste. FosDegreaser kitchen wastewater treatment is no longer a problem!