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BBA Ecotech's Probiotic Concentrates: an innovation for detergent formulators

BBA Ecotech's Probiotic Concentrates: an innovation for detergent formulators

In an ever-changing world, the public has now realised the importance of probiotics, the undisputed protagonists of BBA Ecotech's products, whose concentrates, available in liquid (BATP®L) or powder form (BCP) for formulators and developers of domestic and industrial cleaning products, have all the potential to revolutionise the cleaning sector.

By fully following the probiotic trend, now also applied to the world of skincare and personal care, the bio-cleaning segment has seen continuous growth in recent years that has not stopped even during the pandemic era.


BBA Ecotech's concentrates, developed in accordance with European Directive 2000/54/EC and the GSH, are composed of a balanced mixture of stabilised spores belonging to different bacterial strains of the genus Bacillus spp., carefully selected, resistant to chemical environments, and capable of reactivating only when used.


100% natural and non-GMO, these bioactive products have all the necessary requirements to meet the demands of even the most demanding customers:

- they guarantee deep, effective and long-lasting cleaning;

- are totally safe, not only for humans, but also for animals and the environment;

- they contribute to the health and safety of the entire community.


How can probiotics keep spaces clean and hygienic for a long time?

 The action of probiotic concentrates is based on the concept that once the 'good' bacteria reactivate their metabolism, they are able to produce specific enzymes that transform proteins, sugars, starches and cellulose into water and carbon dioxide.

Capable of adhering to all surfaces, these micro-organisms act in depth, reaching even the smallest microporosities (such as tile joints), where traditional chemical and physical methods cannot reach.

They colonise environments easily, penetrating into the bacterial biofilm that populates indoor and outdoor environments where, by counteracting the growth of pathogens, they replace them. In this way, probiotics restore the natural microbial balance of surfaces, for decades depleted and altered by the massive use of biocides and chemicals, ensuring that newly developed bio-detergents provide long-lasting activity, efficient and environmentally beneficial.

Even rinse water, in this way, is no longer wasted: from polluting waste, harmful to the environment, it becomes an 'active product', useful for cleaning pipes and sewage systems.


The concentrated formulas of BBA Ecotech

To ensure maximum versatility and applicability, BBA Ecotech makes two types of concentrates available:

- BATP®L, a highly concentrated liquid (> 5 x 109 CFU/ml) that allows high dilutions. Specifically for detergent formulators, it can be applied to various liquid formulas, from which the bio-active detergent BATP®L is obtained;

- BCP, a powder that is even more concentrated (> 10x109 CFU/g), which can be combined with various solid formulas, creating bio-active detergents in powder, tablet or block form. These probiotic bio-detergents are very stable and effective, and do not require the addition of any preservatives.

Probiotic concentrates are compatible with most of the ingredients used in traditional formulations; the only exceptions are cationic surfactants and biocides, or compounds based on alcohols, chlorine or their derivatives.

Applicable at acidic and basic pH levels, in a range between 3 and 10, they are well suited to non-ionic and anionic surfactants. Moreover, once added to detergent solutions, they perfectly maintain their chemical-physical characteristics.


Starting the production of these bioactive preparations is very simple for the companies: no dedicated plant or specific machinery is required, it is sufficient to apply the normal cleaning and changeover procedures.


The shelf-life of bio-detergents, calculated from the date on each production batch, which is carefully checked before release to ensure safety and quality, is 12 months for liquid products and a full 24 months for powdered products.


Currently, the European CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) regulation leaves a wide margin of freedom on the marketing strategies applicable by companies that decide to exploit the activity of these microorganisms: on the labels of marketed articles, it is not necessary to mention their presence, it is sufficient not to attribute to the product the terms 'hygienising' or 'sanitising', which would make it fall under the biocides regulation. As regards the requirement to list the ingredients that are contained in the product, the description 'biomass of non-pathogenic natural spores ' may be used.


An environmentally sustainable solution without compromise

With BATP®L and BCP, BBA Ecotech overturns the traditional schemes of household care and industrial cleaning, replacing aggressive chemical agents with innovative bio-detergents, totally safe and eco-friendly, applicable on any surface, guaranteeing deep and long-lasting cleaning, without giving up savings.

BBA Ecotech products, using the concept of "active cleaning", in which it is the micro-organisms themselves that guarantee the hygiene and cleanliness of environments, preventing the formation of dirt and unpleasant odours, represent the green conversion of the detergent world, necessary to take care of the planet seriously, ensuring the health of the whole family.


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