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Biologic active tissue paper (BATP®) is an internationally patented product, tested for over 17 years with excellent results.

Natural, safe, and effective - these are the characteristics that make BBA ECOTECH's product interesting and promising.  Its daily use has the potential to shape a new eco-sustainable future that minimises the use of chemical additives and the need for costly interventions, bringing tangible benefits for humans, society and the environment.

What makes this toilet paper so special is the BATP® solution, a 100% natural product consisting only of water and spores, which is sprayed onto the inner surface of the TISSUE paper during production.

Spores are metabolically inactive forms of bacterial microorganisms carefully selected in laboratory, capable of becoming active only in contact with water and organic material.

The latter is the main source of bad odours and clogs in sewage systems, which also encourage the proliferation of pathogens and infesting insects.


Biologically active toilet paper can minimise these problems in an innovative and surprising way: after normal household use, flushed down the drain, the spores on the surface of the paper are activated, degrading the organic material present and the remains of the paper itself, which is then quickly eliminated.

BATP® also has excellent capabilities in counteracting the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Its use thus solves, in a totally sustainable manner, the problem of malodorous and clogged pipes, while also minimising the environmental hygiene problems typical of sewers.


Apparently, the presence of microorganisms on a product for personal and daily use might raise doubts about its reliability.

In reality, no product available on the market today is sterile: contact of paper with tiny life forms is inevitable during production, transport or use.

To ensure total safety for humans and animals and its efficacy, BATP® has been tested for over 17 years by public and university bodies.

Hypoallergenic and non-irritating, this innovative toilet paper gives no reaction into contact with eyes, skin, mucous membranes or intimate parts. It is absolutely safe even for the most fragile or immunocompromised individuals, with no restrictions on use.


Currently, due to its characteristics, this bioactive toilet paper represents the most environmentally friendly solution on the market:

  • non-polluting, being 100% natural and free of any chemical additives;
  • is totally biodegradable;
  • improves the quality of waste water and facilitates its recycling;
  • reduces the negative bacterial load in environments;
  • abate the use of chemicals used to solve unpleasant problems.

The use of BATP®-treated toilet paper would not be limited to the home; the greatest benefits would be obtained in public places, such as hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, shops of all kinds, and means of transport, such as trains and planes. In these places, ensuring the hygiene and maintenance of sanitary facilities is essential, but often difficult and expensive to achieve by traditional means. In this regard, bioactive toilet paper represents the easiest, cheapest and most environmentally sustainable solution. this is demonstrated by the first field tests involving entire communities for long periods of observation around the world, from Italy to Australia to Mexico, with excellent results. The benefits are so obvious that several international airlines are now using this special product.


Demand for BATP® will only grow over time. Bioactive toilet paper, by promoting the purification of water and air, can help improve the health of the environment, humans and animals.

Society, as well as nature, would also benefit greatly from the implementation of this product: the minimal increase in production costs would be amply rewarded by the considerable economic and environmental benefits, embracing the growing desire for sustainability among consumers, who are increasingly aware of product quality and environmental impact.

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